Do I need to worry if a rodent died in my wall?



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Do I need to worry if a rodent died in my wall?


If a rodent dies between your walls, should you be concerned? I guess that really depends.

  • Was an anti-coagulate bait used?
  • Was another bait used?
  • Did it crawl into that space and die?
  • How can you find out? Really, you’ve got to go by smell.

If you smell the problem then we can cut a hole, and remove that rodent from your wall void and patch up your dry wall to take care of that problem. Hopefully, you used us. We use an anti-coagulate bait that way it didn’t smell, it wasn’t a problem, and whatever wall that it went into it can be there for 100 years and it will never ever have any kind of a smell at all.

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