What do I do if my pet has fleas?



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What do I do if my pet has fleas?


If you think your pet has fleas, first of all, I’m not a veterinarian but I can say this, you want to find out if you have fleas first.

I’ll tell you a pest control trick that you can use in your home or even use it as a party trick. All you’ve got to do if you think there’s fleas, go ahead and put down a white piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be a large piece of paper. Place it near the dog or the animal that you think might possibly have fleas, and just wait and watch.

You’ll start to see those fleas actually jump and land on that piece of paper, which, you know that’s a problem. Then, you go take your dog, get the dog dipped, before you get the dog dipped, or the same time that you’re dipping the dog, give a pest control company a call, let them know what your problem is. They’ll come in and do a treatment in the dog area, where the dogs laying at, the dog room where the dog’s staying at, and the dog yard where the dog’s living at, or animal. After that, your problem should be gone. Just make sure that you get your dog dipped or you use any flea remedy that you may know of for animals, again I’m not a veterinarian, but I can get rid of your fleas after you get your dog dipped.

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