How do I get rid of Raccoons?



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How do I get rid of Raccoons?


If you think you have a raccoon infestation, we come out with a Havahart cages, we don’t like to poison raccoons, we don’t like to snare raccoons, we have Havahart cages, we use cat food. We make a little trail with cat food, we might even do a pre-bait just to see what kind of problem you have before we come out with the cages.

Sometimes, what the customer might think the problem is isn’t necessarily what the problem is. Once we find out what it is then, we take care of it. We’ll go ahead and bait those traps, we’ll set two or three traps at your home, we catch it, you give us a call we’ll come out, remove it from your home and your problem will be gone.

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