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Pest Control Blog

  Layton Pest Control Video #10: What are the best ways to tell if you have Bats?   One of the best ways to tell if you have bats is noise. If you hear bats, if you hear something above your head, well then you probably have something above your head. It might be a squirrel, [...]

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  Layton Pest Control Video #9: How do I keep Rodents out of my house?   You want to keep rodents out of your home, the best thing is preventative maintenance. Anywhere where there’s any openings large and you want to close those up. The best products to use for that, that you can get at [...]

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  Layton Pest Control Video #8: How do I get rid of Raccoons?   If you think you have a raccoon infestation, we come out with a Havahart cages, we don’t like to poison raccoons, we don’t like to snare raccoons, we have Havahart cages, we use cat food. We make a little trail with cat [...]

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  Layton Pest Control Video #7: How do I get rid of moths?   If you notice small bites on your clothing in your closets there’s a good possibility that you have a moth problem. Not usually a moth infestation. Moth balls are pretty easy, cheap, effective way to get rid of moths. If it’s not [...]

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  Layton Pest Control Video #6: How do I fix a Politician Infestation?   If you have a politician problem we are the leaders in politician problems. We know where they’re at, we know how to get rid of them and any other bug problems that you might have, we can take care of them. Thank [...]

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